The Secrets of Billboards

There are a variety of ways to advertise your business or special events around your town. You can create online ads, use billboards, or make a commercial. With this poor economy, local companies may find difficulty keeping their business afloat; and may not be able to afford the extra expense of advertising, instead of the usual advertisements, check into city banners. Banners can provide a sense of community rather than a massive billboard of your company on the interstate. Using a banner, you can simplify your company by advertising your name, location (number) what you sell and perhaps, even a screen print of happy customers.

Every city has a downtown area no matter the city’s size. With a downtown banner, you are selling your company to the majority of the population, given that most events are bound to happen in the downtown area. Figuring out your targeted population is important. One thing to consider is your banner’s background color. Use a different background color on your banner based on the season. For example, if it is spring, use a brighter banner. Perhaps, your store is located in a shopping center; a bright color would be useful as well to give the “BAM” effect. A shoppers’ eyes will go to your banner, hence increasing your revenue. During the winter, I would suggest a shade of blue or red. Those colors help keep the mood that winter weather provides. Blue isn’t necessarily depressing, just neutral with the continuous grey skies that winter seems to present most days.

A downfall for using banners to advertise would be nighttime. If you are concerned about this, place your banner on a light pole. Day and night passersby will see your business. It’s not typical to put an address on any type of advertisement unless you’ve created a commercial. Just make note of the area of town you are located, like “Downtown you’ll find” or “Located around” and insert your area to help specify where potential customers can purchase your items. Instead of your area of location, at the bottom of the banner put a phone number.

Billboard advertising is the most cost-effective type of advertising and it is very effective.

  1. Chose the best possible location:

In the billboard world, location is everything! Look for a billboard location that is close to areas that your target market will go to so you can expose them to your advertisements.

Also look for billboards that can be easily viewed from far away. You don’t want a billboard that you can only see right as you drive past it. Choose billboards that give you plenty of time to read your message.

Drive by the billboard several times throughout the day to get an idea of how well you can or can’t see it before making your final decision to purchase it or not.

  1. Follow these basic billboard design rules:

Advertisements on billboards only have an average of 7 seconds to be viewed so it is our job as advertisers to make the design the best it can be by making sure the copy is big enough to be read by passing motorists. I would recommend to make it at least two feet tall and to use thick, easy to read fonts. A good general billboard rule is to use 9 words or less in your entire billboard! Less is more.

Make sure you use good contrasting colors. Black copy on red backgrounds does NOT work well on billboards because there isn’t enough contrast between the two colors. However, the black copy is very effective when placed on a yellow background.

Tell the passing motorists who your company is and how they can get in touch with you. There’s nothing worse than a great ad with a tiny logo which makes you guess who the ad belongs to and leaves you with no way of knowing which product to purchase.

  1. Test your results to see just how effective your billboard really is:

Ad tracking is the ultimate way to see just how good or bad your advertisement is doing and the same is true with billboards. Tracking the results of a billboard isn’t as easy as tracking an online ad, but it can still be done with a little bit of creativity.

  1. You can bring it up in casual conversation with your potential customers, you can email them or even ask them on your social media sites.
  2. Put a unique phone number or website address on your billboard so you can see how many people contact you this way.
  3. There are even tracking devices that can be placed on billboards to see who looks at your ad. Of course it’s a bit pricey, but it can be done.