Facebook Marketing for Realtors

For business, you can get a Facebook Page which is where you add your listings; add content from your website and your blog. By creating Facebook groups, you can bring people with special interest in your business together. In addition, you can do other Facebook activities to soft and hard sell your business on Facebook.

Here are the top 5 ways how Facebook can be used by realtors:

Connect With Your Prospects: On a Facebook profile page, you can interact with people on a personal level. Your profile should look professional, yet it should reflect you and your personality. Your Facebook profile is not the place where you’d promote your business; instead it is the place where you’d post information about the real estate market without selling it!

Educate, Engage & Communicate: Your Facebook Group is the place where you add all those people who are interested in learning about your business. You can create a referral group of realtors with hundreds of agents including those who from your current contacts and your referral book from the past years. You can have more than one group – Local Facebook Real Estate Investors Group, Local Community Home Buyers Group, etc. You can invite people from your friends list and customer list. Share commercial listing information, tips and real estate advice with your groups. Try not to brand the group by your name because you are also part of the group.

Include it as part of your marketing material and promote it as you would for your website. This is the place where your business can contribute and add to the Facebook community. Your Facebook Page is where people will come to learn more about your products and services. It’s the best way to build your reputation on Facebook.

You can add your Blog RSS and place your listings on your Facebook page. Keep your audience up-to-date by adding the latest information about the market. You can share information about new and upcoming constructions, announce events and even share valuable tip about real estate investment.

Facebook is the place to gain exposure as a Realtor. It can help you bring your brand in front of many prospective clients, who might be actually looking out for real estate services that you offer. Your focus should be to reach out to your target audience and build them into leads through Facebook!

If you keep things fun and interesting, your fans will stop by your Facebook page on a regular basis. You can provide links to great information and products or just post cool things right on your Facebook Business Page. Always be kind and considerate, because you could be chatting with your newest customer or your next business partner.

If socializing on Facebook for your business is something that you feel you just cannot do, you can always hire someone to keep up and maintain your Facebook page for you, at places like elance.com. You can find people who will do this for two to three dollars an hour. Just make sure you give them specific instructions of what you want and what you need for you Facebook business page. If they are posting messages on your behalf, you must give them the answers to common questions and make sure they answer all of your customer’s questions, with the integrity you hold for yourself. I would highly recommend giving socializing a chance, before outsourcing it to someone else because many great business relationships are formed on social media platforms.

One notable example that’s been buzzing around Facebook is about a Baton Rouge Community Coffee business. They began sharing their childhood memories of being allowed to have a little coffee with milk in it. These memories stirred up all kinds of conversations on Facebook and before they knew it their fan base was growing by a thousand fans every week. You never know what’s going to go viral, so put some thought into messages you’d like to get across to your audience on your business page.

Several of the largest companies online say that Facebook is one of their top choices when it comes to advertising because its free and there are no requirements when it comes to maintaining your page. Most successful Facebook business owners combine their advertisements with quality content to keep their fans happy.