Facebook Marketing for Realtors

For business, you can get a Facebook Page which is where you add your listings; add content from your website and your blog. By creating Facebook groups, you can bring people with special interest in your business together. In addition, you can do other Facebook activities to soft and hard sell your business on Facebook.

Here are the top 5 ways how Facebook can be used by realtors:

Connect With Your Prospects: On a Facebook profile page, you can interact with people on a personal level. Your profile should look professional, yet it should reflect you and your personality. Your Facebook profile is not the place where you’d promote your business; instead it is the place where you’d post information about the real estate market without selling it!

Educate, Engage & Communicate: Your Facebook Group is the place where you add all those people who are interested in learning about your business. You can create a referral group of realtors with hundreds of agents including those who from your current contacts and your referral book from the past years. You can have more than one group – Local Facebook Real Estate Investors Group, Local Community Home Buyers Group, etc. You can invite people from your friends list and customer list. Share commercial listing information, tips and real estate advice with your groups. Try not to brand the group by your name because you are also part of the group.

Include it as part of your marketing material and promote it as you would for your website. This is the place where your business can contribute and add to the Facebook community. Your Facebook Page is where people will come to learn more about your products and services. It’s the best way to build your reputation on Facebook.

You can add your Blog RSS and place your listings on your Facebook page. Keep your audience up-to-date by adding the latest information about the market. You can share information about new and upcoming constructions, announce events and even share valuable tip about real estate investment.

Facebook is the place to gain exposure as a Realtor. It can help you bring your brand in front of many prospective clients, who might be actually looking out for real estate services that you offer. Your focus should be to reach out to your target audience and build them into leads through Facebook!

If you keep things fun and interesting, your fans will stop by your Facebook page on a regular basis. You can provide links to great information and products or just post cool things right on your Facebook Business Page. Always be kind and considerate, because you could be chatting with your newest customer or your next business partner.

If socializing on Facebook for your business is something that you feel you just cannot do, you can always hire someone to keep up and maintain your Facebook page for you, at places like elance.com. You can find people who will do this for two to three dollars an hour. Just make sure you give them specific instructions of what you want and what you need for you Facebook business page. If they are posting messages on your behalf, you must give them the answers to common questions and make sure they answer all of your customer’s questions, with the integrity you hold for yourself. I would highly recommend giving socializing a chance, before outsourcing it to someone else because many great business relationships are formed on social media platforms.

One notable example that’s been buzzing around Facebook is about a Baton Rouge Community Coffee business. They began sharing their childhood memories of being allowed to have a little coffee with milk in it. These memories stirred up all kinds of conversations on Facebook and before they knew it their fan base was growing by a thousand fans every week. You never know what’s going to go viral, so put some thought into messages you’d like to get across to your audience on your business page.

Several of the largest companies online say that Facebook is one of their top choices when it comes to advertising because its free and there are no requirements when it comes to maintaining your page. Most successful Facebook business owners combine their advertisements with quality content to keep their fans happy.

The Age of Instagram Marketing

These brands were quick to spot a new way in which they could engage consumers through an online marketing campaign that really doesn’t feel like one – all they have to do is upload some attractive images of their latest products or lines and let the power of the internet do the rest.

Instead, they upload highly attractive (and highly edited) images of their products, taken by professional photographers and fans alike. Whilst the products in some of these images could be a few years old and no longer available brand new, the effect of getting the brand name out there is still the same. This is how Instagram is meant to be used, and followers are quick to recognize this.

Today online surfer has become a lot more sophisticated and are turning a blind eye to a bright shiny sale page.

Today’s consumers are a lot more engaged online and most of that engagement is on social media sites. For every social media site, there is a different type of person becoming involved with a different interest. This is a trend that will forever keep evolving because there are so many different types of interests in this world.

No one person or company can possibly supply everyone with everything so it is imperative to focus on one niche and control what you can.

The same goes for marketers, you cannot succeed by trying to conquer the whole internet, especially starting out. With the amount of traffic you can get from one social media site it can definitely turn your life around, so your goal should be to start out with one. The question is which social media site is ripe for the picking right now. What I mean by that is if this was 10-15 years ago the site in question would be MySpace. As we all know MySpace is not what it used to be but it still has its share of traffic. So the next obvious answer for today’s time would be Facebook, but if you start to look at the numbers you will see that Facebook has hit its peak. FB is far from over but there a couple new sites that are filling a void for different types of people. The youth of today are all now signing up to Instagram, ironically Instagram is owned by Facebook. IG was bought by FB because they seen the growth and potential and so far their investment has paid off. The format is different as the site is more focused on pictures. With the right pictures, you can gain a following really quickly and they will be hungry for the next picture that you post. Now imagine if you intertwine a marketing message within your pictures or simply include your website in your pictures. If you have a popular picture it will be sure to get you some traffic quickly.

If hanging out with the young crowd is not your cup of tea you should look at Pinterest.

This social media site is an online marketers dream. The majority of people who flock to this site are usually more affluent, meaning they have money to spend. These are rather wise consumers who can see through a sales pitch a mile away. The key to success with Pinterest is to get involved and find out what your target market is looking for. You can follow the popular pins and see how many likes and shares each pic is getting. You can even pin it to your very own board and piggyback off its success.

There are tons of training videos online that will show you how to create accounts and generate traffic so I will not get into the details of how to get it started.

Website Design

Your website’s design is the most important variable in your web project.

A lot of people often forget that any web project starts with planning and design. These two steps are crucial and will dictate how any website and functionality is developed, especially on eCommerce and content managed websites.

Design will affect the user experience, the flow of the website and ultimately whether the site even works properly. Some say web design is not about making your site look pretty, but about whether it works to generate results.

We say that this is false advisement, without first addressing how your site will look and whether your potential visitors will like it, you cannot say it will generate results.

It is true, that all visitors to your website will on a subconscious level have an emotional connection with your website’s design, and will make critical decisions based on it – this is a proven fact and is a result of testing how different visitors react to different design stimuli.

So What Does This All Mean For My Website’s Design?

A good website design should give you the potential to draw back your visitors continually. They will want to return because they had a good experience, the design related to them and they easily got what they needed.

Implement this simple advice from the start of your web project and you will see positive results. All the information presented here is industry standard facts and proven methods for successful website design.

Take good note of these common design mistakes which could be causing your site to under-perform.

10 Common Mistakes You Could Be Making On Your Website’s Design.

  1. Poor Navigation Poor user interface and navigation will make it hard for your visitors to browse your website. Stick to industry standard and proven navigation methods.
  2. Layout consistency Make sure your page layout is as consistent as possible.

Forcing people to change their reading or browsing method halfway into your website will affect how long people spend on your site.

  1. Functionality that is custom developed or bolted on should always be skinned and designed to ensure consistency and user-friendliness.
  2. Search Ensure there is easy and effective site search on your website. This will help users find relative content quickly. More applicable to ecommerce and large content websites.
  3. Too much or too little content. This is a tricky one and has a fine balance, make sure your web design is as simple and uncluttered as possible for content.

If you do have a lot of content however and cannot avoid clutter, make sure your design is clean and simple so attention is on the content and readability is maximized.

  1. Graphical and Content calls to action. All web designs should have objectives that are designed into the web interface and content.

Use graphical buttons for calls to action and also text-based calls to action.

  1. Web Safe Fonts. Major issues with using unique fonts in a web design will always arise when trying to get cross-browser and platform compatibility.

Use web safe fonts in your design to avoid compatibility headaches.

  1. Colour Scheme and Styling. All good web design starts with a customer’s logo and color scheme.

Always base a good color scheme and styling off the customers brand/logo.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation. Implement simple SEO techniques in your design to allow smoother content delivery for search robots.

The more search engine friendly your site design is, the better it will perform with search engines.

  1. Logo and Contact details positioning Always place your logo in the standard web place, which is the top left-hand side.

Always place your contact link/details on the right-hand side of the page, either top right-hand corner, or far right on the menu bar.

The last pieces of advice we can impart is that dealing with a professional web design specialist or company is always going to be the best option.

Don’t do template websites unless you are on a strict budget, and always choose the option that gives you the most freedom and control.

Before website designing, you should be firm what the functionality of that page is and it should be easy to access. Nowadays website designing and development has become a great hub in the world of the computer. A layman who does not know how it is designed and developed. He only sees what is his requirement and easily accessible and fulfills his needs. In this world of the computer, everybody is required to use the technologies website designing and graphic designing, website development.